Shirts and Sashes

Tip #39: Sashes part 3

Jun 13 2011 01:37 PM

I know, I know, I said I would be moving on from sashes this time. And just when I thought I was getting better about not doing this! But something occurred to me when I was looking for what to post about today – I posted about all kinds of sashes I found for bachelorettes, but only that one set of sashes for the rest of the bachelorette party! So I decided to do some more searching for those kinds of sashes to see what’s out there. It looks like that set I got for a party way back when is the only real set I can seem to find, but it looks like there are some individual sashes for maids of honor and bridesmaids too. For example:

This is a nice white sash for the maid of honor with glitter lettering on it. The thing I like about this sash is that it could probably match anything that the maid of honor would wear, and it could match pretty much any sash the bachelorette herself would wear. So this is very versatile, perfect if you’re not trying to coordinate your outfits beforehand! (and who has the time to do that when you’re busy planning the rest of the party?)

Now, these two sashes look like they were specifically made to match up with the flashing pink bride to be sash (the first one in my last post), the only difference is that one is for the maid of honor and the other’s for the bridesmaids. Although, what I can’t figure out is, the bride to be sash and the bridesmaid sash are flashing, but it looks like the maid of honor one isn’t. That’s kind of weird, isn’t it? I guess you could just give her a bridesmaid sash if she really wants to flash (with the sash, she shouldn’t be doing any other kind of flashing!) But either way I think all three of these sashes look great together and would be a nice choice if you all want to match perfectly.

Last but not least, I found this sash that just says “Bachelorette Party!” – So you could give it to anyone, really, whether they’re the bachelorette or a bridesmaid or not even part of the wedding! It has a cute little rhinestone martini glass on it, which is fun. It’s a little pricier than other options, but apparently it’s much higher quality, so if you can afford to get one for everybody, it might be the best option. You wouldn’t want to get these for a couple girls and cheaper sashes for the rest – that just wouldn’t be fair. Especially if the bachelorette gets a cheaper sash!

Okay, I think that’s really it for sashes this time. I’ll post about something different next time, I promise! Really!


Tip #38: Sashes part 2

Jun 01 2011 06:21 AM

Yesterday I finally got a chance to go back and look at the sashes some more and pick out the ones that look the best to me. So, as promised (for once), this post is about my favorite sashes that I’ve never actually bought before! Here’s one of them:

This one is another flashing sash, but in pink. The design has a little less going on than that other flashing sash, but it’s more elegant, I think. So if you want the bachelorette to look elegant but still show a fun and wild side because of the lights, I think this sash would be a good pick.

I also really like the look of this one. It’s metallic, which seems pretty unique, and the word “bachelorette” is spelled out in all different letters so it’s colorful and a shiny metallic at the same time. The design looks really cool and modern, but the only worry I have is some of the product reviews about it – they say that it rips easily. As long as you’re careful with it, though, I can’t imagine that would be too big of a problem and this could be a very fun sash to wear. But not as fun as this next one, which has got to be my absolute favorite of all the ones I found:

It’s a caution tape sash! I’ve never seen one of these before but this idea is hilarious and great. It doesn’t look too bad, either – it’s funny and fashionable! This sash is great if you want to warn everyone that the bachelorette is coming – I sure could have used that for a couple of the parties that I threw! I think this is the perfect sash for a girl with a sense of humor, or a wild girl who might not understand that you’re really serious about the warning to everyone she encounters! That’s just too funny. Okay, that does it for sashes, I think. I don’t know what I’ll post about next time… other neck wear, maybe? We’ll see!


Tip #37: Sashes part 1

May 16 2011 01:23 PM

Okay, as promised, no more posts about headwear! Now it’s on to another very popular accessory that I often bought for bachelorettes to wear: sashes. I have to say, though, even I was surprised by how many options there are when it comes to this! I don’t think there were nearly this many sashes available in the heyday of my party planning, and definitely not these kinds of designs. So I can only make a few recommendations based on my own actual experience. I’ll do that this time, and then maybe I’ll post about sashes that look good but that I’ve never bought before. Anyways, for starters, here’s my favorite that I ever bought:

I bought this sash for a good friend’s bachelorette party and she absolutely loved it. If you want a sash that will attract a lot of attention to the bachelorette, this is it. Especially in a bar where the lights are sort of dim, the flashing lights will really stand out. It’s a little wide, but with some bobby pins holding it up you shouldn’t have to worry about it sliding off. I really like the design on this sash, and the light-up feature is pretty unique, and with those combined you can see why it’s my favorite. Here’s another one I really like:

This one’s got a sleek, sexy feel to it. Plus, it’s a nice change up from the typical pink-and-white color scheme that you find with most sashes (and clothes in general) for bachelorette parties. I had a friend whose taste this suited perfectly, so I got it for her party and she loved it.

Now, maybe you want to buy sashes for the entire party to wear and match. I did that once, and these are the sashes I got. The only issue is that the set doesn’t include a matching sash for the bachelorette, but then again, maybe your bachelorette wants a unique sash so she can stand out. I managed to find a very similar design for the bachelorette at the party when I got these, but I can’t seem to find it online any more. I did find this, though, and it seems like it would go along with them pretty well. It’s a pretty different design and style, but I think they would compliment each other nicely. Maybe there are other options out there, though. I’m going to look through all the sashes they have and find some new favorites, since I can’t seem too find too many of the sashes that I’ve actually bought before. So, that’s what I’ll be posting about next time!


Tip #28: Other Shirts

Mar 18 2011 07:57 AM

Okay, okay, this is the last post about shirts, I promise! But a thought occurred to me when I was looking at the shirt section of the website after I posted last time. Personally, I think you should get matching shirts for everyone in the party, so people at the bar or restaurant or wherever you go can identify all of you, but I know that some people might just want to get a shirt for the bride-to-be, which is totally understandable. Especially in this economy! Of course, you could just buy the “bachelorette” shirt from one of those sets, but I found a couple of stand-alone tank tops that might be funnier if you’re just getting one for the bride. So here they are:

This one issues fair warning to everyone you come across to expect all the chaos that will ensue when your bachelorette steps in the door. I’ve always thought that whole idea was pretty funny. I guess this top doesn’t have to be specific to the bride, so you could just have everyone wear one of these if you want everyone to match exactly. But if you just want a shirt for the bride, this would work pretty well, I think.

This one just says “Bridezilla” on it. That’s always a fun way to poke fun at a bachelorette who everyone knows can be a little bit of a… well, a bridezilla! This could be a fun top for the entire party and everyone else if you know the bride will take it in good humor and wear this top with pride.

Last but not least, this one is my absolute favorite shirt/tank top of all time. I just think it’s so funny and clever! It’s a play on the fact that this kind of top is called a “wife beater.” I’ve never understood why that is. Anyways, this top is just too funny. And the best part is, it’s not bachelorette party-specific – unlike most of those other shirts, the bride will probably get more use out of it after the night of the party than on the night of! And I guarantee everyone will laugh at this. I wish someone had thought of this back when I could have gotten it for someone’s bachelorette party. Or better yet, back when I was having mine!

Alright, well, I think I’ve said more than enough about shirts and tank tops now. I promise I’ll move onto something else next time!

See you next time,

Tip #27: More Shirts

Mar 11 2011 08:02 AM

Before I get off the topic of shirts, I just wanted to provide some more options for those of you who didn’t like the design I posted last time. Plus, they were technically tank tops last time, and I thought if I’m talking about matching shirts, maybe I should provide some examples of actual shirts. So here’s another design that I remember getting for a friend’s bachelorette party a while ago. I just found it on that website – I think it’s a new product for their store, but it’s one I’m already familiar with. Take a look:

Again, there’s designs for the bride, the maid of honor, and the bridesmaids, so it’s very convenient. I think there’s a “matron of honor” design on the site too, but I never had to use that. The tank tops I posted last time were my favorite design I’ve ever gotten, but out of actual shirts these ones are probably the best I’ve seen. The pink floral design is fun and spunky and it really stood out when we were at the bar, if I can recall correctly – it’s been a while! Also, in case you didn’t notice, these links are to medium shirts, but if you scroll down on these pages you can find the same shirts in small and large sizes, too. I think that’s all for shirts and tank tops for now, so I’ll move onto some other item of clothing for next time – unless some other shirt design catches my eye, of course!

See you next time,