Other Accessories

Tip #43: Waist Accessories

Jul 19 2011 01:33 PM

Today, I was checking back on that necklaces and boas category to make sure I didn’t miss any, and I found a surprise! I didn’t miss any necklaces or boas (at least not any that I would recommend), but I did miss something else they had hiding in there – waist accessories. What do I mean by that? Well, take a look!

The first thing that caught my eye was this pink neon belt. And that’s not really surprising, it’s quite the eye-catcher! This would be an absolutely perfect accessory for an 80s-themed bachelorette party, but I could see it going well with a lot of other kinds of outfits, too. No matter what you put it with, this looks like a great thing to wear if you want your bride to attract lots of attention! Of course, maybe you’d prefer another kind of belt…

A shot tube belt! This is hilarious and one of the most creative concepts I’ve ever seen. You have no idea how much I wish I had this for some of the parties I planned back in the day (I feel so old saying it like that!) I know I’ve said that about a lot of things, but this is probably one of my favorite things I’ve ever found, hands down. It’s like a utility belt for booze! The only concern I have with it is an obvious one – you have to be very careful not to spill when you walk around with this thing. But that problem can be easily avoided by only filling the tubes halfway up. Which should still be plenty of alcohol; there are six of them after all!

Okay, I can’t top that, but there is one more accessory I found that I wanted to share:

A bachelorette tutu! This would be a cute accessory for a classier, penis-free party. Or if your bachelorette used to take ballet lessons. Or you could combine it with a tiara if she wants to be (or thinks she is) a princess, hah! I think this could contribute to a very fun look in a lot of ways. But it’s still not as versatile or hilarious or stylish as the shot tube belt. If you can’t tell, I really wish I had that back when I was planning parties! Haha. Okay, that’s all for waist accessories (probably), so I’ll be on to something else next time!


Tip #42: Necklaces part 2

Jul 11 2011 01:49 PM

As promised, here’s another post about necklaces! I finally got around to looking down farther on that page, and what I found were some necklaces that were unique and different in a lot of ways. Any of these look like they could be fun, but I confess I’ve got a favorite – I’ll save that one for last! But first, here’s this one:

They call it the hottie whistle necklace. I love the concept behind this, that you can blow the whistle when you spot a hottie at the bar – that could turn into a fun game for the entire party! One of the comments raises a good point, though. You can’t do it too often (or at all some places) because the bar manager might not like the noise. If you’re going to spend any of your party outside in the city, though, this could be perfect!

They also had a couple shot glasses attached to necklaces, and these were my favorites. The first one says bachelorette on the loose and the second one is a penis shot glass! So there are options whether you’re having a raunchy bachelorette party or a penis-free one. Shot glasses on necklaces tend to work very well, in my experience, at getting the bride-to-be drunk. People are a lot more ready to buy a girl shots if she’s wearing a shot glass on a necklace, for some reason – especially if that necklace is dangling down into a low cut top. Bridesmaids, be careful and make sure the bachelorette doesn’t accept too many of those free shots! But if you’re careful, these can be a lot of fun. Not as fun as this next one, though. Here comes my favorite!

What’s the best kind of necklace? A candy necklace! I love these things, and I saw it in the category on that site so I just had to include it. They have a pack of 12 for $4, which is a pretty good deal I think! This is a great option if you want something for the entire party to “wear” – the only catch is, a lot of girls probably won’t be wearing it for long! This could make a good accessory (for a little while) to hand out or something for goodie bags if you choose to do something like that. Or if you just want something to munch on! The uses are endless, hah! Okay, that should be all for necklaces. Now I’m off to think of what to post about next time!


Tip #41: Necklaces part 1

Jun 29 2011 01:28 PM

Well, we’re done talking about boas already, but it looks like we’re not done talking about things that go on your neck! I was double checking that boas and sashes category (to make sure I didn’t miss any boas, of course!) and I noticed that there were also a bunch of necklaces in it, too. So here are some necklaces I spotted that looked good (and a cuple that I’ve actually gotten before)

First, but certainly not least, there are regular old mardi gras beads. They’re kind of plain compared to some other options, but they’re a classic for a reason. They’re fun, colorful, and go with just about anything. They’re one of the cheapest options out there, too. I’ve gotten these before and they’ve gone over well. I think this is the best option if you want to get some sort of necklace for everyone in the party – at least, they’re the most cost effective. Just make sure none of the girls drink so much that they actually think it’s mardi gras, and do what they would then for the beads! I almost saw that happen once… luckily, the maid of honor intervened!

Here’s another mardi gras bead type necklace that’s a little less subtle and basic – penis mardi gras beads. They’re pretty much exactly what you’d expect, a bead necklace with little penises attached to it. I think I would pick this for the bachelorette to go with a penis-themed outfit and party! But here’s another option, one that I actually did pick once:

A glow-in-the-dark penis necklace. But it’s not just a necklace with a bunch of little penis decorations on it, it just practically has one big glowing dildo hanging off the end of it. I bought it for a party once, and it went over great – you had better believe it attracted plenty of attention – but I don’t think I’d ever buy it again. It’s just too much. If you have someone wear this, be prepared. It’s going to be a crazy night. Like they say on that website, it’s definitely bold. Maybe it’s because the party I bought it for was near the end of my planning days and I was already growing old and boring (hah!) but one night with this thing was enough. If you’re young, though, maybe you’ll be more up to the task. But you have been warned.

Changing directions, here’s another necklace I found that’s raunchy in a totally different way – a condom necklace. I’m mostly just posting this because I thought it was hilarious. I can’t imagine anyone actually wearing this around. I mean, really? A bunch of penis-shaped things is one thing, but actual condoms? I don’t know. I think I’m glad I never hosted a party for a girl who would want to wear this, let’s put it that way.

Anyways, it looked like there were even more necklaces further down the page, but I didn’t get a chance to get to them because I’ve got to run, so you can expect another necklace post next time!


Tip #40: Boas

Jun 20 2011 01:45 PM

Okay, we’re finally done talking about sashes now, as I’m sure some of you were hoping (but not expecting)! So I thought it would be a natural move to move on to something similar next: boas! I don’t know if those two are too inherently linked (other than that they both go around your neck, maybe?) but they’re in a category together on that bachelorette party site, so I thought it would make sense to look at what they have there for boas next! I even found a couple that I know I’ve bought for parties before. For example:


There isn’t much out of the ordinary about this pink feather boa, but it’s quite bright and eye-catching! I got it for a friend at her bachelorette party a couple of years ago because it went along with all of her other clothes and all the decorations and things we picked out – everything was hot or neon pink! Of course, I’m sure this would be a good looking sash even if everything else isn’t bright pink, too, but if it isn’t the color you want, you’re in luck – it looks like that site has the same style of sash in purplered, and black, too!

But if you want something a little more exciting (and raunchy) than a solid color boa, how about this?

Yep, it’s a boa with light-up penises in it. I know I’ve gotten this one for a party before, too, but I can’t remember for who or when. I’m sure it went over great, though – how could it not, with light-up penises? I have to admit, those are some of my favorite types of accessories for bachelorettes (or everyone!) to wear.

Okay, now, believe it or not, those are all the boas that they had on that website. I know I’ve gotten some other designs before, but I either can’t remember them or can’t find them online. But I felt like this post wasn’t long enough compared to the last two, so here’s a little bonus: something I found there while I was looking that isn’t quite a boa but is pretty close!

Okay, maybe it’s not really that close, but I saw it and I wanted to include it in the post. It’s a bachelorette party lei. From the picture it might just look like a normal lei, but if you look closely (or read the product page) it reveals that there are all kinds of bachelorette-themed goodies attached to it: penis pacifiers, condoms, candy, lube, and a button! Isn’t that fun? If you’re throwing a penis-free party, you could always remove the inappropriate items beforehand and give the bride the lei with the other things still attached. Okay, that’s it for boas (and a lei), so next time I’ll be moving on to something else again… probably!