Tip #36: Miscellaneous Headwear

May 09 2011 01:10 PM

Okay, this really is the last post about headwear, I promise! I know I said that last time, but after this there’s definitely nothing else I could post about that goes on your head. I saw these things the first time I posted about the veils and I made a mental note to post about them at some point, but I guess that note got lost – not too hard to believe with how scattered my mind’s can be sometimes these days! Anyways, these are some headwear items that don’t really fit into any of the categories from the previous posts… you’ll see what I mean. This, for example:

Bet you wouldn’t think of light-up devil horns when you were thinking of headwear for a bachelorette party, right? Seems like the sort of thing you might see girls wearing on halloween, if anything! But I know a couple of girls who I’m sure would love to wear this sort of thing to the bars, and it would certainly get you noticed, that’s for sure! Just make sure the bachelorette’s also wearing something that says she’s the bride-to-be! But if you want something even more flashy and attention-grabbing, there’s also this:

Flashing sequin bunny ears. It doesn’t get much more attention-grabbing than that! Sequins and flashing multicolored lights? You could probably make a game of trying to make your bachelorette not get noticed wearing this, and it would probably be pretty hard! It’s another thing that I’d only expect to see on halloween, but hey, I’m all for creative use of accessories like this! Plus, both of the above work great at any bachelorette party, and can convey a bit of a naughty side without using penises if you want to avoid that. But if you don’t want to avoid that, well…

Then there’s this dick through the head. If your bachelorette party is penis-themed and you want everyone to know it, I think this would work much better than any veil or tiara could. Because instead of being a normal clothing item with small penis designs added to it, all this could possibly be is a giant penis through your head. This is probably one of the silliest things I’ve found for any bachelorette party, and that’s really saying something, because there are some really silly and stupid things out there related to penises, as you can imagine. Okay, I think that’s really it for headwear this time. Seriously. Next time I’ll really move on to something else! Really!


Tip #35: Cowgirl Hats

May 05 2011 12:17 PM

I guess I was just kidding when I said I was moving on from headwear – I took a quick look back at that page to see if I missed anything, and what do you know, I did! I’m not surprised that I didn’t think of it at first, though, because it’s not a very traditional bachelorette party option. Tiaras and veils are both classic attire, but this is something new that I guess has been on an upward trend recently. And that trend is cowgirl hats. I guess it’s a sign of the changing times, or something, and cowgirl hats give off a more wild party vibe than tiaras or veils. I guess that makes sense. It’s just a little strange; everybody wore tiaras and veils back when I was planning parties regularly. But I don’t want to give outdated advice, so here are some of these new hats for the modern-minded girls out there.

This one’s just a standard pink cowgirl hat. And believe it or not, when I looked again, it’s the only normal cowgirl hat I found! All of the other ones had veils attached to them. It looks like girls aren’t giving up on tradition that easily! I really like how the cowgirl hat with a veil attached looks, too, so here are a couple of my favorites that I found:

This one’s just a standard-colored cowgirl hat with nothing remarkable about it, from the looks of it. But there’s nothing wrong with the basics. If your bachelorette’s the type who doesn’t like anything flashy, this one would work great. But if she loves flashy things and your party’s going to be full of sequins and glitter and shiny banners, this one might be a better bet:

This one’s pink with a bunch of gems and rhinestones on the front of it, it looks like. So if your bachelorette likes flashy, it’s certainly that. And it manages to pull it off without being gaudy – I think it looks pretty cute. I’d never wear it, of course – I was a traditional tiara+veil gal – but if you’re looking for a cowgirl hat, this is probably my favorite one. And with that, I think I’m finally done covering headwear, for real this time. I promise, I’ll move on to some other clothing accessory next time! I promise!


Tip #34: Combo Tiara+Veils

Apr 28 2011 12:57 PM

So I’ve posted tiaras for girls who want tiaras, and veils for girls who want veils. But what if you just can’t decide? Well, you’re in luck, there’s options for all the indecisive girls out there (or the ones who don’t know what their bachelorette would prefer) too. Presenting…

The bachelorette tiara and veil combo! It’s a veil attached to the back of a tiara that says “Bachelorette.” It’s a great option if your bachelorette wants both or can’t decide on either. But if pink’s not really her style, there’s a black one, too:
And this one says “Bride to be” instead of “Bachelorette” on the tiara, so you’ve got a few stylistic options even in this small little subset of bachelorette party attire. And of course, it wouldn’t be something for bachelorette parties if there wasn’t a version of it with penises on it.

Yeah, remember that blinky and wiggly penis tiara from last time? Well this penis tiara with a veil is basically just that, but with a veil. So if you’re throwing one of those over-the-top-penises-everywhere parties, this one’s a great option. Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be any combination tiara+veils with just tiny penises for the girls who only want to embarrass their bachelorette a little bit. But you could always buy a tiara and a veil and put them both on her head, I don’t see why that wouldn’t work. Anyways, I think by now I’ve probably exhausted all the headgear options there are out there for bachelorette parties – probably – so I’ll move on to something else next week. Unless I discover there’s something I forgot, which from the way things have been going, is totally possible. There’s just so much stuff out there, how is one woman supposed to sort through it all? Well, that’s what I’m here for, and I’m glad to do it. Bye for now!


Tip #33: Tiaras part 2

Apr 21 2011 08:13 AM

As promised, here are some tiaras I found that have penises on them! There actually weren’t nearly as many as I expected there to be. It looks like as far as tiaras go, the ratio of penis to penis-free is actually pretty even, what do you know? But of the penis ones I found, here were my favorites.

Just like with the veils, it looks like there’s a fairly subtle option here. This tiara just has little colorful penises on it which no one would be able to identify from more than a few feet away. This is another one of those options that’s good if you want to be a little bit fun and naughty but not too over-the-top, it’s a good middle ground. If you want to embarrass your bride-to-be just a little bit (like if, say, a guy comes up to talk to her and sees the penises) but not too much. But if you do want to be over-the-top, there are options for that too, of course. Like this:

If she wears the flashing pecker tiara, there’ll be no question about what’s on her head. Not only are the rainbow-colored penises displayed prominently, but they flash, too – flashing penises is quite a trend with bachelorette party clothing accessories these days! I’m quite a fan of the design of this, I like how the penises look against the fuzzy white tiara. This one’s probably my favorite, and it’s sure to draw a good amount of attention and embarrassment to your bachelorette, if that’s what you’re going for. But if even that’s too tame or subtle for you and you want your bachelorette to be wearing something really crazy, you’re in luck. Look at this last one I found:

Yeah. How ridiculous is that? It even has a silly name to go along with it: the Blinky ‘N’ Wiggly Penis Tiara. Not only do the penises light up, they bop up and down on your head. What a silly piece of headgear. I think it’s safe to say that if you want your bachelorette to draw lots of attention, this is the tiara I’d recommend she wear for that. And on that note, I think that’s all the tiaras I found (that didn’t seem sub-par), so that’s it for today’s post. Until next time.


Tip #32: Tiaras part 1

Apr 14 2011 09:22 AM

If you remember way back when I posted the first time about veils (it wasn’t actually that long ago!) I mentioned that there are two main types of sort of “headgear” that brides-to-be usually wear at their bachelorette parties – veils and tiaras. Well, we’ve gone over veils, so what’s next? Tiaras, of course! As was the case with veils (and most other things you might buy for a bachelorette party), there are both penis-themed and penis-free options. So I’ll start with the penis-free ones again, for the sake of appealing to everyone.

First, here’s the classic silver tiara that says “Bachelorette” on it. It’s simple, it’s attention-getting, and it goes well with pretty much any outfit the bachelorette might be wearing. They have it in pink, too, if you think it’s a little boring and want something more colorful. I’m always partial to items of clothing that designate the bachelorette, because it’s her party, and everyone should know that! Plus, if the bachelorette makes it obvious that that’s who she is, she might even get a free drink or two – I’ve seen it happen at several parties I’ve planned before! Of course, if your bride prefers a little anonymity (which has it’s own advantages, I suppose), there’s this one:

It’s just a simple silver tiara that doesn’t say “bachelorette” or anything like that. Not only would this be good for a bachelorette who doesn’t want people to know who she is, but you could have bridesmaids (or at least the maid of honor) wear these too, if you want your entire party to match! Personally, though, I think the bachelorette should stand out a little bit, even if she doesn’t want the word written on her tiara. So I think this one looks really fun:

It’s a tiara with a big gem heart in the center and it looks much more colorful and flashy than the other ones. What I don’t understand is why it’s so much cheaper. It might not be made of the highest quality materials. So, maybe this would be one for the bridesmaids, since it’s more affordable, and you could get the one that says “Bachelorette” for the bachelorette? That’s probably what I’d do if these were my selection, but I’m just throwing out ideas here. You can (and should!) go with whichever tiaras you like best, or better yet, that you think your bachelorette will like best! And of course, if you want tiaras with penises on them, I’ll be posting about those next time!