Tip #39: Sashes part 3

I know, I know, I said I would be moving on from sashes this time. And just when I thought I was getting better about not doing this! But something occurred to me when I was looking for what to post about today - I posted about all kinds of sashes I found for bachelorettes, but only that one set of sashes for the rest of the bachelorette party! So I decided to do some more searching for those kinds of sashes to see what's out there. It looks like that set I got for a party way back when is the only real set I can seem to find, but it looks like there are some individual sashes for maids of honor and bridesmaids too. For example:

This is a nice white sash for the maid of honor with glitter lettering on it. The thing I like about this sash is that it could probably match anything that the maid of honor would wear, and it could match pretty much any sash the bachelorette herself would wear. So this is very versatile, perfect if you're not trying to coordinate your outfits beforehand! (and who has the time to do that when you're busy planning the rest of the party?)

Now, these two sashes look like they were specifically made to match up with the flashing pink bride to be sash (the first one in my last post), the only difference is that one is for the
maid of honor and the other's for the bridesmaids. Although, what I can't figure out is, the bride to be sash and the bridesmaid sash are flashing, but it looks like the maid of honor one isn't. That's kind of weird, isn't it? I guess you could just give her a bridesmaid sash if she really wants to flash (with the sash, she shouldn't be doing any other kind of flashing!) But either way I think all three of these sashes look great together and would be a nice choice if you all want to match perfectly.

Last but not least, I found
this sash that just says "Bachelorette Party!" - So you could give it to anyone, really, whether they're the bachelorette or a bridesmaid or not even part of the wedding! It has a cute little rhinestone martini glass on it, which is fun. It's a little pricier than other options, but apparently it's much higher quality, so if you can afford to get one for everybody, it might be the best option. You wouldn't want to get these for a couple girls and cheaper sashes for the rest - that just wouldn't be fair. Especially if the bachelorette gets a cheaper sash!

Okay, I think that's really it for sashes this time. I'll post about something different next time, I promise! Really!