Tip #38: Sashes part 2

Yesterday I finally got a chance to go back and look at the sashes some more and pick out the ones that look the best to me. So, as promised (for once), this post is about my favorite sashes that I've never actually bought before! Here's one of them:

This one is another flashing sash, but in pink. The design has a little less going on than that other flashing sash, but it's more elegant, I think. So if you want the bachelorette to look elegant but still show a fun and wild side because of the lights, I think this sash would be a good pick.

I also really like the look of
this one. It's metallic, which seems pretty unique, and the word "bachelorette" is spelled out in all different letters so it's colorful and a shiny metallic at the same time. The design looks really cool and modern, but the only worry I have is some of the product reviews about it - they say that it rips easily. As long as you're careful with it, though, I can't imagine that would be too big of a problem and this could be a very fun sash to wear. But not as fun as this next one, which has got to be my absolute favorite of all the ones I found:

It's a
caution tape sash! I've never seen one of these before but this idea is hilarious and great. It doesn't look too bad, either - it's funny and fashionable! This sash is great if you want to warn everyone that the bachelorette is coming - I sure could have used that for a couple of the parties that I threw! I think this is the perfect sash for a girl with a sense of humor, or a wild girl who might not understand that you're really serious about the warning to everyone she encounters! That's just too funny. Okay, that does it for sashes, I think. I don't know what I'll post about next time... other neck wear, maybe? We'll see!