Tip #37: Sashes part 1

Okay, as promised, no more posts about headwear! Now it’s on to another very popular accessory that I often bought for bachelorettes to wear: sashes. I have to say, though, even I was surprised by how many options there are when it comes to this! I don’t think there were nearly this many sashes available in the heyday of my party planning, and definitely not these kinds of designs. So I can only make a few recommendations based on my own actual experience. I’ll do that this time, and then maybe I’ll post about sashes that look good but that I’ve never bought before. Anyways, for starters, here’s my favorite that I ever bought:

I bought
this sash for a good friend’s bachelorette party and she absolutely loved it. If you want a sash that will attract a lot of attention to the bachelorette, this is it. Especially in a bar where the lights are sort of dim, the flashing lights will really stand out. It’s a little wide, but with some bobby pins holding it up you shouldn’t have to worry about it sliding off. I really like the design on this sash, and the light-up feature is pretty unique, and with those combined you can see why it’s my favorite. Here’s another one I really like:

This one’s got a sleek, sexy feel to it. Plus, it’s a nice change up from the typical pink-and-white color scheme that you find with most sashes (and clothes in general) for bachelorette parties. I had a friend whose taste this suited perfectly, so I got it for her party and she loved it.

Now, maybe you want to buy sashes for the entire party to wear and match. I did that once, and
these are the sashes I got. The only issue is that the set doesn’t include a matching sash for the bachelorette, but then again, maybe your bachelorette wants a unique sash so she can stand out. I managed to find a very similar design for the bachelorette at the party when I got these, but I can’t seem to find it online any more. I did find this, though, and it seems like it would go along with them pretty well. It’s a pretty different design and style, but I think they would compliment each other nicely. Maybe there are other options out there, though. I’m going to look through all the sashes they have and find some new favorites, since I can’t seem too find too many of the sashes that I’ve actually bought before. So, that’s what I’ll be posting about next time!