Tip #27: More Shirts

Before I get off the topic of shirts, I just wanted to provide some more options for those of you who didn’t like the design I posted last time. Plus, they were technically tank tops last time, and I thought if I’m talking about matching shirts, maybe I should provide some examples of actual shirts. So here’s another design that I remember getting for a friend’s bachelorette party a while ago. I just found it on that website - I think it’s a new product for their store, but it’s one I’m already familiar with. Take a look:

Again, there’s designs for
the bride, the maid of honor, and the bridesmaids, so it’s very convenient. I think there’s a “matron of honor” design on the site too, but I never had to use that. The tank tops I posted last time were my favorite design I’ve ever gotten, but out of actual shirts these ones are probably the best I’ve seen. The pink floral design is fun and spunky and it really stood out when we were at the bar, if I can recall correctly - it’s been a while! Also, in case you didn’t notice, these links are to medium shirts, but if you scroll down on these pages you can find the same shirts in small and large sizes, too. I think that’s all for shirts and tank tops for now, so I’ll move onto some other item of clothing for next time - unless some other shirt design catches my eye, of course!

See you next time,