Tip #40: Boas

Okay, we're finally done talking about sashes now, as I'm sure some of you were hoping (but not expecting)! So I thought it would be a natural move to move on to something similar next: boas! I don't know if those two are too inherently linked (other than that they both go around your neck, maybe?) but they're in a category together on that bachelorette party site, so I thought it would make sense to look at what they have there for boas next! I even found a couple that I know I've bought for parties before. For example:

There isn't much out of the ordinary about this
pink feather boa, but it's quite bright and eye-catching! I got it for a friend at her bachelorette party a couple of years ago because it went along with all of her other clothes and all the decorations and things we picked out - everything was hot or neon pink! Of course, I'm sure this would be a good looking sash even if everything else isn't bright pink, too, but if it isn't the color you want, you're in luck - it looks like that site has the same style of sash in purple, red, and black, too!

But if you want something a little more exciting (and raunchy) than a solid color boa, how about this?

Yep, it's a
boa with light-up penises in it. I know I've gotten this one for a party before, too, but I can't remember for who or when. I'm sure it went over great, though - how could it not, with light-up penises? I have to admit, those are some of my favorite types of accessories for bachelorettes (or everyone!) to wear.

Okay, now, believe it or not, those are all the boas that they had on that website. I know I've gotten some other designs before, but I either can't remember them or can't find them online. But I felt like this post wasn't long enough compared to the last two, so here's a little bonus: something I found there while I was looking that isn't quite a boa but is pretty close!

Okay, maybe it's not really that close, but I saw it and I wanted to include it in the post. It's a
bachelorette party lei. From the picture it might just look like a normal lei, but if you look closely (or read the product page) it reveals that there are all kinds of bachelorette-themed goodies attached to it: penis pacifiers, condoms, candy, lube, and a button! Isn't that fun? If you're throwing a penis-free party, you could always remove the inappropriate items beforehand and give the bride the lei with the other things still attached. Okay, that's it for boas (and a lei), so next time I'll be moving on to something else again... probably!