Tip #42: Necklaces part 2

As promised, here's another post about necklaces! I finally got around to looking down farther on that page, and what I found were some necklaces that were unique and different in a lot of ways. Any of these look like they could be fun, but I confess I've got a favorite - I'll save that one for last! But first, here's this one:

They call it the
hottie whistle necklace. I love the concept behind this, that you can blow the whistle when you spot a hottie at the bar - that could turn into a fun game for the entire party! One of the comments raises a good point, though. You can't do it too often (or at all some places) because the bar manager might not like the noise. If you're going to spend any of your party outside in the city, though, this could be perfect!

They also had a couple shot glasses attached to necklaces, and these were my favorites. The first one says
bachelorette on the loose and the second one is a penis shot glass! So there are options whether you're having a raunchy bachelorette party or a penis-free one. Shot glasses on necklaces tend to work very well, in my experience, at getting the bride-to-be drunk. People are a lot more ready to buy a girl shots if she's wearing a shot glass on a necklace, for some reason - especially if that necklace is dangling down into a low cut top. Bridesmaids, be careful and make sure the bachelorette doesn't accept too many of those free shots! But if you're careful, these can be a lot of fun. Not as fun as this next one, though. Here comes my favorite!

What's the best kind of necklace? A
candy necklace! I love these things, and I saw it in the category on that site so I just had to include it. They have a pack of 12 for $4, which is a pretty good deal I think! This is a great option if you want something for the entire party to "wear" - the only catch is, a lot of girls probably won't be wearing it for long! This could make a good accessory (for a little while) to hand out or something for goodie bags if you choose to do something like that. Or if you just want something to munch on! The uses are endless, hah! Okay, that should be all for necklaces. Now I'm off to think of what to post about next time!