Tip #23: Gift Bags

I was thinking about what to talk about next, after the two posts about gift bags, and I realized, what’s the natural next post? Gift bags, of course! After all, you want something appropriate to put those gag gifts in - or at least, I think you should. If you’re getting a funny gag gift like that, it’s only fitting that it come in an equally raunchy bag. Or even if you’re not, it’s good to have a bachelorette-themed bag for a bachelorette party - just like you use christmas-themed wrapping paper at christmas! So here are some of my favorite gift bags that I’ve found:

first one is pretty standard. It’s bright, and colorful, and has penis and martini glass designs on it. That seems pretty appropriate! Or, inappropriate, depending on who you ask. After all, some people want their parties to be penis-free. I couldn’t find one that was completely innocent, but this looks a little better, at least:

this bag has a half-naked man on it. Sure, he might be half-naked, but at least it’s the top half, and everyone can appreciate that, right? There’s no penises, so I would think that this bag would be pretty safe for most bachelorette parties. It was the least raunchy thing I could find, anyways. If you need something less than this, maybe you’ll have better luck than me, and please let me know in a comment if you do! Now, these last two do make some raunchy references, but I think they’re a very interesting idea.

first one has drink recipes on it and the second one has a list of dares for the bachelorette to try. They’re like interactive gift bags! It’s like a combination bag and gift list and a combination bag and party game! I thought this was a really clever idea. Although, again, some of the drink names and dares are a little inappropriate so they won’t work for every party, but when it will, I think it’s a fun way to add something to the party - just with something that normally gets thrown away! I understand that not everyone wants to spend a couple bucks when you can just use an old grocery bag, but what fun is that? If you’re willing to spring a few bucks, I think this would be a great investment that would make any gag gift just that much funnier.

See you next time,