Tip #22: Gag Gifts part 2

I told you all I’d find some more gag gifts online, so here I am back with more! A little disclaimer, these aren’t ones I’ve personally given before, but they look like the best ideas out of the ones I saw online. I tried my best to find some of the most unique and interesting ones, so I hope I can at least give you some ideas even if I can’t vouch for them personally!

This first one is... well, the picture kind of speaks for itself. It’s exactly what it looks like, a pair of
inflatable boobs. I got a laugh out of the description - it’s cheaper than surgery! Well, that’s certainly true. I think this could be a very funny gag gift. After all, who doesn’t want a bigger pair of boobs? Or at least that’s what they say!

Speaking of boobs, if you’re not too concerned with the size of them but want something to cover them up instead, I also found this
candy bra. I’m sure this would be great for some laughs, too, plus, it’s candy! What a practical gift! The website suggests you have guys at the bar eat it off of her... I don’t know about that, but I think it would be fun for her and her husband to use. I really like the idea of this, because unlike most gag gifts, it’s something that can actually be used, even if it’s just going to get eaten. After all, the way it gets eaten could mean some erotic foreplay for the bride and groom, and there’s nothing useless about that! But speaking of useless gifts...

It’s called
Vagi-seal, and it just may be the weirdest, most unusual, potentially funniest gag gift I’ve seen. It’s a hilarious concept, and it really is the definition of a gag gift: it has no practical purpose at all. It’s just candy. I feel like I should probably mention that in case anyone gets the idea to buy this thinking it’ll actually work. It would be funny though. I can just imagine the look on some of my friends’ faces if I had gotten them this... it’s too bad I just found this now. Oh well. Hopefully some of you can benefit from my discovery, at least! I think that’s it for gag gifts, at least that I’m going to post, anyways. But if you find any more funny ones out there, feel free to post them as a comment!

See you next time,