Tip #24: Party Favors

It looks like I’m having more trouble getting off the topic of gifts than I thought! Another thought occurred to me the other day - there’s been all this talk about gifts to get the bachelorette, but I completely forgot about all the other guests! How rude of me! Now, I know, the party isn’t for them, but don’t you remember going to birthday parties as a kid and always hoping for a goodie bag? I know I did! If you’re nostalgic like me for that sort of thing, and want to give all the guests something to remember the party by (as if the pictures won’t be enough!) you could always make up a small goodie bag for everyone. And one for yourself, of course, too! So for this post I looked for some things that I thought would go good in a goodie bag like that, and here’s what I found. These are just some suggestions, though, use your imagination and fill it with whatever you can think of!

The first thing I found was this
penis-shaped lipstick. How appropriate is that? It combines two things every girl loves: lipstick, and, well, penises. Or things shaped like them, anyways! Definitely a funny gift everyone will love to get, if you ask me.

And with that same idea, two more penis-shaped items I found -
whistles and erasers! Yeah, I know an eraser is kind of a lame gift to receive, but hey, you can never have too many penis-shaped items at your bachelorette party, am I right? But of course, there’s one thing no goodie bag would be complete without...

Candy, of course! This is just one example I found, any candy will work, but these are penis-shaped and come in small individual serving-size packages so I thought they might be an appropriate idea.

If you’re on a tight budget, I wouldn’t recommend springing for the goodie bags. The party is all about the bachelorette, you want to make the night unforgetable for the bride-to-be above everybody else. But if you can afford it, I think everyone will love it if they get a little something to remember the night by, too - a truly great bachelorette party should be a night that no one there ever forgets!

See you next time,