Tip #21: Gag Gifts

Have you ever found yourself wondering whether or not you should take some sort of gift to a bachelorette party? It’s a good question. On one hand, it’s a party, so you naturally think you should, but on the other, it’s not like it’s a birthday party or Christmas or anything. What kind of gift would you even get? Well, it’s always been my policy, when I’m going to a friend’s bachelorette party, to get her a gag gift. Something that’s not at all serious (and admittedly doesn’t serve much practical use) but will get a good laugh out of everybody. Of course, a lot of the time these have to do with penises or sex, so it’s hard to find one if the bachelorette isn’t a fan of those kinds of jokes. But if she is, there are no shortage of options out there. If you’re interested in getting a gag gift but don’t really know what, I thought I’d give some examples here. Here are some that I’ve gotten for my friends before that I was able to find online.

This first one’s a
blowjob kit which comes with gloves, an apron, and a hairnet - supposedly to be worn while giving a blowjob, to save the bachelorette from, well, making a mess, or being covered in one. I’m not a huge fan of this gift, but it’s good for a bachelorette who you have some joke with about blowjobs - that was the case when I gave it to my girlfriend. It seems like a gift that not a lot of people might want to give, but I might be wrong. Anyways, Here’s a more generic sex-themed one:

Yes, you read that right. That’s a
thong that says “You may now fuck the bride.” It is, admittedly, a bit on the crude side, but that’s part of the charm. That’s what makes it so funny, I think. I laughed at this thong, and so did everyone at the party when I presented it to my friend the bachelorette. So I would definitely recommend that one, but not as much as this last one. This is by far my favorite gag gift I’ve ever gotten for anyone:

“Fundies.” Yep, that’s right. Underwear for two. These things are just absolutely hilarious. I got this for a friend once, and everybody at the party was asking where they could get a pair. They were a real hit. If there’s one gift I would recommend, it’s these. If you’ve got a sense of humor like mine (which you might not, mine is pretty weird) you’re already laughing at these, but if you’re not, trust me, you will be at the party.

I’m sure I can find more gag gifts online, so I’ll keep looking and post more next time. But in the mean time, hopefully these will tide you over and give you a good idea of what kind of gifts to get the bride-to-be.

See you next time,