Tip #35: Cowgirl Hats

I guess I was just kidding when I said I was moving on from headwear - I took a quick look back at that page to see if I missed anything, and what do you know, I did! I’m not surprised that I didn’t think of it at first, though, because it’s not a very traditional bachelorette party option. Tiaras and veils are both classic attire, but this is something new that I guess has been on an upward trend recently. And that trend is cowgirl hats. I guess it’s a sign of the changing times, or something, and cowgirl hats give off a more wild party vibe than tiaras or veils. I guess that makes sense. It’s just a little strange; everybody wore tiaras and veils back when I was planning parties regularly. But I don’t want to give outdated advice, so here are some of these new hats for the modern-minded girls out there.

This one’s just a
standard pink cowgirl hat. And believe it or not, when I looked again, it’s the only normal cowgirl hat I found! All of the other ones had veils attached to them. It looks like girls aren’t giving up on tradition that easily! I really like how the cowgirl hat with a veil attached looks, too, so here are a couple of my favorites that I found:

This one’s just a standard-colored cowgirl hat with nothing remarkable about it, from the looks of it. But there’s nothing wrong with the basics. If your bachelorette’s the type who doesn’t like anything flashy, this one would work great. But if she loves flashy things and your party’s going to be full of sequins and glitter and shiny banners, this one might be a better bet:

This one’s pink with a bunch of gems and rhinestones on the front of it, it looks like. So if your bachelorette likes flashy, it’s certainly that. And it manages to pull it off without being gaudy - I think it looks pretty cute. I’d never wear it, of course - I was a traditional tiara+veil gal - but if you’re looking for a cowgirl hat, this is probably my favorite one. And with that, I think I’m finally done covering headwear, for real this time. I promise, I’ll move on to some other clothing accessory next time! I promise!