Tip #36: Miscellaneous Headwear

Okay, this really is the last post about headwear, I promise! I know I said that last time, but after this there’s definitely nothing else I could post about that goes on your head. I saw these things the first time I posted about the veils and I made a mental note to post about them at some point, but I guess that note got lost – not too hard to believe with how scattered my mind’s can be sometimes these days! Anyways, these are some headwear items that don’t really fit into any of the categories from the previous posts… you’ll see what I mean. This, for example:

Bet you wouldn’t think of
light-up devil horns when you were thinking of headwear for a bachelorette party, right? Seems like the sort of thing you might see girls wearing on halloween, if anything! But I know a couple of girls who I’m sure would love to wear this sort of thing to the bars, and it would certainly get you noticed, that’s for sure! Just make sure the bachelorette’s also wearing something that says she’s the bride-to-be! But if you want something even more flashy and attention-grabbing, there’s also this:

Flashing sequin bunny ears. It doesn’t get much more attention-grabbing than that! Sequins and flashing multicolored lights? You could probably make a game of trying to make your bachelorette not get noticed wearing this, and it would probably be pretty hard! It’s another thing that I’d only expect to see on halloween, but hey, I’m all for creative use of accessories like this! Plus, both of the above work great at any bachelorette party, and can convey a bit of a naughty side without using penises if you want to avoid that. But if you don’t want to avoid that, well…

Then there’s this
dick through the head. If your bachelorette party is penis-themed and you want everyone to know it, I think this would work much better than any veil or tiara could. Because instead of being a normal clothing item with small penis designs added to it, all this could possibly be is a giant penis through your head. This is probably one of the silliest things I’ve found for any bachelorette party, and that’s really saying something, because there are some really silly and stupid things out there related to penises, as you can imagine. Okay, I think that’s really it for headwear this time. Seriously. Next time I’ll really move on to something else! Really!