Tip #32: Tiaras part 1

If you remember way back when I posted the first time about veils (it wasn’t actually that long ago!) I mentioned that there are two main types of sort of “headgear” that brides-to-be usually wear at their bachelorette parties - veils and tiaras. Well, we’ve gone over veils, so what’s next? Tiaras, of course! As was the case with veils (and most other things you might buy for a bachelorette party), there are both penis-themed and penis-free options. So I’ll start with the penis-free ones again, for the sake of appealing to everyone.

First, here’s the
classic silver tiara that says “Bachelorette” on it. It’s simple, it’s attention-getting, and it goes well with pretty much any outfit the bachelorette might be wearing. They have it in pink, too, if you think it’s a little boring and want something more colorful. I’m always partial to items of clothing that designate the bachelorette, because it’s her party, and everyone should know that! Plus, if the bachelorette makes it obvious that that’s who she is, she might even get a free drink or two - I’ve seen it happen at several parties I’ve planned before! Of course, if your bride prefers a little anonymity (which has it’s own advantages, I suppose), there’s this one:

It’s just a
simple silver tiara that doesn’t say “bachelorette” or anything like that. Not only would this be good for a bachelorette who doesn’t want people to know who she is, but you could have bridesmaids (or at least the maid of honor) wear these too, if you want your entire party to match! Personally, though, I think the bachelorette should stand out a little bit, even if she doesn’t want the word written on her tiara. So I think this one looks really fun:

It’s a
tiara with a big gem heart in the center and it looks much more colorful and flashy than the other ones. What I don’t understand is why it’s so much cheaper. It might not be made of the highest quality materials. So, maybe this would be one for the bridesmaids, since it’s more affordable, and you could get the one that says “Bachelorette” for the bachelorette? That’s probably what I’d do if these were my selection, but I’m just throwing out ideas here. You can (and should!) go with whichever tiaras you like best, or better yet, that you think your bachelorette will like best! And of course, if you want tiaras with penises on them, I’ll be posting about those next time!