Tip #13: Choosing a Pinata

While we’re on the subject of games, here’s a pretty classic one that you probably wouldn’t have thought of for your bachelorette party: a pinata. Your first thought is that those are for kids’ parties, right? Well, not necessarily. They can be fun at any party, especially a bachelorette. After all, who doesn’t want to hit a giant penis with a baseball bat? How can that NOT sound like a great time?

Not surprisingly, there are quite a few penis-shaped pinatas on the market. So how do you decide which one to get? Well, price is a factor, obviously. So is size. Most that I’ve found are around 15 to 18 inches - which should hold two good-sized bags of candy. If size is all that matters to you (yes, yes, I’m sure there’s a joke in there), I’ve also seen
this one, but I wouldn’t recommend it. To me, it doesn’t really even look that much like a penis, but maybe the picture’s just at a bad angle. Instead, I’d recommend one of the following.

First, there’s
Willy Whack-It. What I love about this one is that it comes with stickers to give it silly faces. That’ll be sure to get even more laughs out of your guests, no doubt about it. This definitely emphasizes the silly aspect of it. As if whacking open a giant penis with another phallic-shaped object wasn’t silly enough. This just takes the cake for laughs. But my favorite is probably this one, instead:

penis pinata kit. First and foremost, for convenience. I bought this one the first time I threw a bachelorette party with a pinata because it comes with the blindfolds, some baggies, and the bat (which it calls a dick stick - which the girls also got a kick out of), so I didn’t have to buy those things separately. If you don’t already have them, this is the best deal for your money, I think. Also, this pinata has really good quality. It’s not too hard to break open, which is always important. You don’t want to spend too much time whacking your penis! So that one’s definitely my favorite. And a pinata is definitely one of my favorite things to have at a bachelorette party. Not only is the penis pinata itself a riot, you can fill it with penis-shaped candy, too, and keep the fun going. Maybe I’ll talk about my favorite penis shaped candy next time, whenever that’s going to be. Sorry again that I’ve been posting sort of infrequently lately, but that’s life.

See you next time,