Tip #16: Coin Games

Like I said last time, I think I’ll continue with the drinking games theme again. This time it’ll be another simple type of game you can play with stuff you probably already have, but this is even easier to get ahold of than cards or dice. There are plenty of fun coin-based drinking games, too. And someone should certainly have a few coins on them, especially if you’re going out for the evening. Here are a couple fun coin games you can play whether you’re at home or at a bar. Well, they’re basically the same type of game, but a little different.

Okay, the first one is one I bet you’ve heard of before. It’s called quarters. This one’s really popular with guys at the bars or college kids but girls can have fun with it too. You all sit in a circle around a tall glass (usually a beer pitcher is used but you can use any big glass) on a hard surface like a table. You take turns trying to bounce a quarter off of the table and into the glass. If you get it in, you get to tell any of the other girls to drink and then you get to try again. If you miss, it’s the next girl’s turn. If you make three in a row, you get to make up a rule - anything you want. Be creative. I listed a couple possible rules in my post about the card game Waterfall. So that’s all there is to quarters. It’s simple, fun, and all you need is a coin and a glass, which you should have access to whether you’re at home or at a bar. Just make sure if you’re at a bar that you drink everything in the pitcher first or ask for a clean one, because you don’t want to have to reach into beer to retrieve the quarter after your success!

The other game I want to suggest is a variation of quarters which I think is even more fun. It’s called Ice Tray Quarters. Instead of a beer pitcher or glass, you use an icecube tray. Each different slot in the tray means something different if you land a quarter in. When it’s your turn, make sure the tray is facing you longways - so if it’s a 2 by 6 tray, there should be 2 columns and 6 rows. If you get your quarter in the right column, that’s the give side - you tell another girl to drink. But if you land it in the left column, that’s the take side - you have to take drinks, and then your turn is over as if you had missed it. But wait, there’s more! The number of drinks you give or take corresponds to how close the quarter is. If you get it in the closest row, that’s only one drink. But every row further back is more drinks. So if you get it in the furthest row, you’re giving or taking 6 drinks! Now I bet you see why I like this version better than regular quarters. You can get tipsy much faster this way! But no matter which version you and your girlfriends want to play, if you want to play a fun drinking game and don’t have anything on you but the change in your purses, quarters is a good bet.

See you next time,