Tip #15: Dice Games

You know, there are lots of fun games for bachelorette parties that I can think of, so I think I’ll continue with that theme for a while more. This time, I’m going to talk about another kind of drinking game, but instead of cards, it’ll be dice this time. Here’s a simple dice game called sixes.

First, you line up six empty party cups in a straight line and decide which end will be ‘1’ and which end will be ‘6’. Then you take turns rolling a die. The number you roll corresponds to one of the six cups. If it’s empty, you can fill it up with as much beer (or other beverage the players have agreed upon) as you want. If it’s already got booze in it, you have to drink what’s in it, then roll again. To keep the game flowing quickly, you should probably chug, but if you know you’re playing with girls who can’t chug, be careful not to fill the cups too much or the game will take quite a while.

In addition to that simple game you can play with ordinary dice, I wanted to share these special bachelorette party
drinking dice I found.

You’ve probably seen pairs of novelty dice like this for all kinds of things, not just drinking games - sex positions is a popular one too. Anyways, this is fairly self explanatory. Whoever the first dice indicates drinks whatever the second dice indicates. This is a good, cheap game which I can tell just by looking at it will get everybody drunk pretty damn quickly, if you ask me.
This post seems kind of short, but that’s all I really have to say about drinking dice. I’m sure there are other fun dice games out there, so if you know one, post it as a comment here! I’m sure other readers will appreciate your ideas just as much as mine.

See you next time,