Tip #3: Drinking Games

Last time I posted about good drinks to make for a bachelorette party. But what fun would drinks be without drinking games? You’ve probably all played some sort of drinking game at some point in your lives. I played plenty back when I was in college. And while any of those same old games like beer pong or quarters will work, the best drinking games to play at a bachelorette party are the ones that were designed specifically for bachelorette parties. A lot of the best drinking games I’ve played have involved going out to the bar or somewhere similar, so if that’s what you’re planning on doing, these will work great for you.

Game #1: The magic name game. Before going out to the bar, decide on a fairly common guy’s name. This is the magic name for the night. When you get there, the goal is to get as many signatures from a guy with that name as you can. If you manage to get one, everyone else has to take a drink. At the end of the night, the girl who got the most signatures is the winner.

Game #2: The phone number game. This one’s pretty simple. Whenever you get a guy’s phone number, everyone else has to take a drink. At the end of the night, the girl who got the most numbers is the winner.

Game #3: The “proud of my penis” game. Have someone bring the silliest and weirdest penis-shaped item they can find to the party. If nobody has anything that fits the bill, you should get something crazy like a
dick through the head headband or giant inflatable penis. A dildo or vibrator will work too. Now, when you go out to the bar, everybody’s going to try to convince as many guys as they can to hold or wear the penis-shaped object. If you get a picture of a man with the penis, everyone else has to drink. At the end of the night, the girl with the most pictures is the winner. There could be a special prize for the girl with the craziest individual picture, too.

Game #4: The loose lips game. This is one you can play at home, or at the bar, or pretty much anywhere. At the beginning of the night, make a list of five or ten words. It works best if they’re words related to the theme of the party, like “bride”, “groom”, marriage”, you get the drift. Whenever someone says one of the words on the list, they have to drink. Warning: Don’t do this with shots! Girls will be drinking a LOT with this game!

All of these games are relatively simple, but they’re loads of fun and I’ll vouch for every one of them. There’s a lot of room to work in house rules if you can think of variations that would make them even more fun, but keep it simple. The best drinking games usually are pretty simple, after all, it’s hard to remember a lot of complicated rules when everyone’s a little ways past tipsy.
Another suggestion, give the winner of each game you play a prize. Not that they’ll need any extra incentive to play a drinking game, but it’s something to remember the night by. Something like these
award ribbons or a pecker whistle works great.
See you next time,